Zero Litter Activists Complete 10,000 Piece EPA Litter Quota


May is a big month for Earth Team at Kennedy high – the sun is finally out, the school year is nearly coming to a close, our community events were deemed a success, and interns finish the last stretch of their 10,000 piece litter quota!

Interns were more than joyous to hear their hard work of surveying and logging in litter off Rumrill Blvd. is paying off; the streets of San Pablo have never looked as clean had it not been the tireless efforts of interns Bryan, Kyle, Misty, Jason, Itzel, Byron, and Katy, as seen above.


Hearing such good news didn’t halt them during their last litter assessment; on the contrary, the ethos of the group evolved into a more determined one. As one intern, Misty put it: “I want to collect as many cigarette butts as I can before the last assessment ends.” Well said Misty! They continued on well into the afternoon, and was greeted with car honks by community members that were driving by. Even a San Pablo police officer stopped by to give them words of encouragement to keep striving and never be satisfied by the status quo.



Interns collectively removed 2 bags of trash, resulting in 931 pieces of litter. This makes the grand total of removed bags of the entire Earth Team program to 77 bags and 10,677 pieces of litter. Congrats to a job well done to Kennedy! Rumrill owes you a debt of gratitude to the hard work, dedication, and commitment you put throughout the year.


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