Hercules Interns Help Kennedy Team with the River of Plastic


April has been an intense, event-filled month for Kennedy interns, and that’s why their work will be showcased within 3 separate blogs! The month started with our classic weekend field event along Rumrill Blvd. in San Pablo.

Interns Bryan, Jason, and Brittany (left to right) were most definitely excited to hear that they were to achieving their 10,000 piece litter EPA goal. Kennedy interns have been logging litter diligently for the better part of the school year now, and their efforts are slowly but surely coming into fruition. To date, they have collected, surveyed, and logged over 9,400 pieces of litter off Rumrill! An extraordinary feat to say the least.


This Rumrill event in particular was interesting – a Hercules high school intern, Hillary, came by to participate! It’s not uncommon for joint events between high schools, but Hercules and Kennedy don’t get much opportunities due to differing projects and strict deadlines for their respective deliverables.


All in all, this was yet another successful and productive litter field event. In total, 4 bags of trash was removed, resulting in 612 pieces of litter. Great job Kennedy + Hercules!

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