Kennedy Interns Host Planting Table at City of San Pablo’s Easter Egg Hunt


Kennedy interns took yet another Saturday from their busy schedules in April to table at the City of San Pablo’s Spring Easter Egg Hunt, where the community can come to a family-friendly event for easter eggs, fun games and activities, and from Earth Team, to plant their own sunflowers.

The Earth Team table operated in full capacity; every intern was either handing out candy, creating biodegradable planter pots from newspaper, or helping children plant their first seed. Kennedy intern Brittany took the initiative to help community members, especially the kids, to plant sunflowers. Her patience and great attitude is what brought more families to the Earth Team table!


The event was a success to say the least; interns were the reason why dozens of families were able to bring over 50 sunflower seedlings to their homes. Great job! Special thanks to the City of San Pablo for inviting Earth Team Kennedy to table at their event and for their continued support!

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