Kennedy Youth Create Air Quality Art Installation & Clean Up Rumrill Blvd


As the month of April comes to an end, work is only picking up for Kennedy interns. On the last Tuesday for this month, they’ll be hosting their 2nd high school bike rally. Debriefing from our last outreach event, interns have made significant improvements on logistics, snacks, and everything in between. Interns Agustin, Itzel, and Cherrymae (left to right) are developing an art installation that showcases the multiple categories of air quality to supplement the outreach materials we’ll also have at the bike rally.


Meanwhile, fellow interns Katie, Kyle, Jason, and Byron (left to right) also set time aside during our meeting to create the model lungs that will be eventually placed on the poster board. Once all bike rally / art installation prep was completed for the day, they immediately headed straight to Rumrill to squeeze in another litter assessment.


Interns had a jam-packed meeting ahead of them and they excelled with flying colors. In total, they removed 2 bags of trash, resulting in 501 pieces of litter, all within the span of 1 hr. Great job to everyone for another day’s work in paradise!

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