Push to Purpose: Interns Engage with Adult Mentors

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Oakland Tech Earth Team participated in the first ever Push to Purpose Event where they heard from an adult mentor panel on how to get paid for social justice and environmental activism work. The group was from a wide range of backgrounds, from farmers to environmental lawyers.

The group listened as each of them told their story of how they arrived at their current line of work. After the scripted questions were completed, our student participants had a chance to ask more questions. The group enjoyed the panel and felt that it was very insightful.

The second portion of the event was reserved for students developing their elevator pitch. Each individual was guided on how to communicate their passions in a way that would advance their career opportunities. After having something written up, the group walked around and tested it on the adult mentors. A lot of these conversations resulted in students receiving business cards, contact info, internship opportunities and more.

The following meeting, the group reflected the event. Each individual shared what had them thinking during the event, what made them feel any sort of way, and what exactly they were going to take away from the day. Overall, the group had A LOT of positive things to say!


It was a great time learning about social justice and environmental careers. Thank you to all the coordinators who put on the event and for all the adult mentors that showed up to support our student’s youth development!


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