Kennedy Earth Team Meets with Rich City Rides


Kennedy’s Earth Team meeting held a mighty fine surprise for interns during their most recent meeting! Najari Smith, Executive Director for Rich City Rides, a local non-profit / bike shop whose mission is create a healthier Richmond. Interns had the opportunity to learn how “promoting cycling as a social, sustainable and green mode of transportation” is at the center of Rich City Rides’ programs that they offer.


Speaking of programs, interns invited Rich City Rides to come booth with them during a bike rally they’re hosting, and in return Najari invited everyone to participate in a recruitment event the week prior! The discussion quickly became¬†event planning session, brainstorming who would provide music, snacks, create outreach materials, etc.


Interns Kyle and Itzel were almost immediately championed marketing creators and soon designed a rough sketch of what our flyers would look like.

JFK Bike Rally Flyer (2019).png

After some tinkering on Canva their design came to life, with more color of course. Ms. Johnson, who’s the point-of-contact teacher for Kennedy High School, is helpfully the student events coordinator. She also contributed to the discussion and graciously helped with the brainstorming along the way. Special thanks to everyone at this critical meeting. Stay tuned for event updates!

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