Introducing Skyline’s Waste Sorting Project

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Skyline’s Waste Sorting Team is a collection of inspiring, hardworking seniors that are working together, with the support from Earth Team Waste Experts, to implement a sorting system on campus by June 2019. The team has been following Oakland Tech’s replication package and has found the resource to be extremely helpful.

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Skyline’s Waste Sorting Team has been meeting weekly at lunch to make progress on their project. So far, the team has been trained on how to properly sort into a 3-Bin system, has conducted an audit of their campus waste, and collaborated with custodians on how a 3-Bin system would work well at Skyline. Oakland Tech interns visited Skyline for their audit to support their efforts and lend a helping hand. The plan is to start the system in the Green Academy building and expand to the whole school within the next few years.

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Last week, our Skyline team completed a backward planning logic model where they were able to define short and long term outcomes, outputs, activities, and resources for their project. After completing the logic model, students worked together to develop an agenda for the year to ensure we stay on track.

Short-term outcomes for the year are:

1) 25% or less contamination in the new sorting system by June 2019

2) All Green Academy students receive sorting education by April 2019

3) All Green Academy classrooms have a sorting system in place by March 2019

4) All Green Academy staff and custodians complete a written agreement stating their commitment to the new sorting system on campus by March 2019.

We are so grateful to have such a hardworking team at Skyline High. Keep in the loop for future updates on the progress of the project!


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