Youth lead 100+ Community Members in Data Collection for an Impactful MLK Day Celebration!

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To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., Oakland Tech Earth Team interns partnered with Save the Bay and over 100 community members to clean MLK Shoreline.

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Save the Bay kicked off the day by giving great insight into the area and the effects that litter has on our bay. After setting the foundation for the day, Earth Team interns gave a short presentation on citizen science, introduced the Marine Debris Tracker app, and invited community members to participate in collecting data on all the litter that was going to be collected for the day.

Our data collectors were a bit outnumbered by litter picker-uppers, but that didn’t stop them from categorizing and collecting data on over 4,760 litter items. Our interns were joined by a few high school folks from a College Prep school nearby as well as a few young participants that downloaded the app on their phone to help out with data collection.

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After the day was over, interns expressed feeling a sense of inspiration coupled with a bit of anger and disappointment. Over 1,000 lbs of litter were collected from the shoreline, to which they all agreed was WAY too much. Although the amount of litter was a bit disheartening, the number of people that showed up to give back to the Earth made for a very impactful day.

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Thank you to Save the Bay for putting on this incredible event! We love the work you do and can’t wait to join you again soon!



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