Student’s Play by Play of the SWAP Kick Off Conference!

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The event started with everyone meeting at the education center. Everyone talked to people they hadn’t met before and introduced themselves to others. Everyone then sat down for a quick introduction. They briefly went over what we were going to do and what the event was about. After this, the coordinators broke everyone up into two separate groups. Some people went on a tour of the facility while others stayed in the building to watch a movie about the effects of plastic straws another waste on the Ocean. My group watched the movie. The film was well done and used substantial evidence to support its claims, while also using images to create an emotional response from the audience.

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Once the two groups came back together, they gave us a more in-depth description of the facility as well as the goals of the conference. The StopWaste keynote speaker cared a lot about everything going on and was inspiring to hear her talk about it. We split into many smaller groups and began a food preparation activity. The goal of this activity was to show us how we could waste less in the kitchen and make meals from food we would usually throw away.

The next activity was a remake of capture the flag, with the goal of teaching everyone how to better sort trash. Once we played two rounds of the game, they took us inside and gave everyone vests to walk up to the upper building. During this, they gave us a quick explanation of what the garments did and the safety precautions they provided. The walk up to the building was a lot shorter then I expected which made the rain not feel as bad.

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After this was our presentation which I think went exceptionally well. I stuttered at the beginning which surprised me because presenting is never something I’ve had a problem with. However, this barely affected the presentation, and the activity went well and got our point across.

The event was a good experience, and I am glad I got the opportunity to be a part of it.


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