Kennedy Interns Litter-ally Take on Rumrill Blvd.


“At long last…a day where we can get outside of the classroom and pick up some litter”, is what was going through many Kennedy H.S. interns minds as their coordinator called for an Uber to send them to the battlefield…Rumrill Blvd. & San Pablo Ave.

For weeks these intrepid interns have been sent by Earth Team to confront the EPA’s public enemy #1 – yellowed Pizza Hut receipts, Cheetos bags, and cigarette butts, but Rumrill proved to be too much for 3 interns on a make-up meeting. This required the full Kennedy Earth Team cavalry, and a cavalry did Rumrill experience.

Interns let no time go to waste; as soon Uber had dropped them off, the Marine Debris Tracker were already in hands, and trash pickers were picking away! Interns Katie, Imye, Jacob, and Jason (left to right) had already filled their first trash bag by the time the coordinator started to take pictures!


Some interns didn’t even take notice regarding photos; busy they were tracking as many pieces of litter as they can before the winter sun takes away the day. Brittany and Cherymae (left to right) are exceptional interns in every sense of the word, as seen above. Way to lead by example!


Interns put their litter-picking gear into overdrive as the sun was riding away; and excellent timing it was. There were several major hotspots along that stretch of Rumrill, and having a fence over a gargantuan pile of trash asked for more teamwork than what’s usually expected during a litter assessment. But by-golly, did they do a great job! Interns Jacob and Jason held the fence up as other interns picked up and logged the litter.

To say it was a good day for a litter assessment would be an understatement; interns collected 11 bags of trash. That’s over 1,600 pieces of litter! The local businesses were so impressed that they gave interns access to their private dumpsters to let the litter rest in piece.


Great job to all interns! Rumrill Blvd. looks that much more beautiful, and the City of San Pablo has you to thank!

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