Surveying 3-Bin System Infrastructure at Oakland Tech

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For the campus brute survey, we received a map with the location of all our sorting systems. The purpose of the brute survey was to check on our bins and observe what needed to be changed or kept at each station. The brute survey helped us understand what stations needed more recycling, landfill, and compost bins.

To begin, we distributed the walkie-talkies and then split up into groups and decided one group would check on stations located inside and the other group would check on stations located outside. We all went to the stations and looked to see that all the bins matched the ones on the map. Once we were done, we met back up at the classroom and then discussed all the new changes that needed to be made. The campus brute survey was useful because it helped us organize, replace, and add bins where they were most needed at Tech.

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Written By: Kathy, Oakland Tech Intern 


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