Kennedy Interns Attend The Brower Youth Awards


It was chilly in the City of San Francisco on the 16th of this month, but Kennedy’s intern’s fiery passion to attend this year’s Brower Youth Awards kept them warm throughout the night.

This year’s theme was “Grow The Movement”, honoring youth who have taken strides and action in environmental leadership; whether it was creating non-profits, organizing rallies and speaking as representatives in front of their state legislature, or taking grassroots efforts to the next level.


And speaking of movement, interns came all the way from Richmond, where they met and took the Richmond BART to the city just to attend the ceremony.


Once there, Kennedy interns wasted no time; they got down to business! Without hesitation, they immediately got their registration in order and straight to the booths they went! The Herbst Theater was filled with organizations that spoke on ecological diversity, watersheds, sharks, and much more.

Kennedy intern Misty tested her butterfly species knowledge by matching the species name to the correct photograph. She was moving so fast the coordinator’s camera couldn’t keep up! Needless to say Misty eventually got them all correct.

The ceremony provided amazing youth, each trekking on their own trail towards a sustainable future. The deepest impact seen on the interns was after the event, where all gathered around and reflected on how individuals made such an impact in their community, and at the same age at that! They all left the Brower Awards with inspiration that they too, can become environmental leaders in their own right.

Special thanks to the Brower Awards for curating and hosting yet another successful ceremony, and thanks to all Kennedy interns who took time on a school night to attend. Great job to all!


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