Oakland R&D Leadership Public School Earth Team Wraps up the Year!

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The year has come to an end! This year Oakland R&D Leadership Public School met 40 times, completing over 100 hours of education and training, including 20 class visits, 11 field visits, 8 public events, and 1 recruitment event! Together, we reached over 850 community members and over 130 peers and faculty on campus!

The highlights of our project were..

Downtown Oakland Community Awareness Campaign – A community engagement campaign to raise awareness about Terracycle ashtrays and stormwater pollution

MLK Day Community Clean Up (Save the Bay, EBRPD) – A community litter reduction project at Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline

2018 Annual Litter March – A service learning project engaging fellow peers and community members to raise awareness about the effects of litter on our watersheds

Peralta Creek/MLK Shoreline Litter Assessment – A long term litter reduction project targeting Peralta Creek and its drainage point at the Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline

Paint the Town – A community based service learning project engaging locals on the effects of stormwater pollution through the installation of an educational street mural

“Today was a good day!  It was chill picking up litter and getting to see what has been accumulating over the passed weeks since the last time we were here.  It was sad to notice that there was a lot of plastic, especially food wrappers. This made me think of all the people in the bay who buy buy junk food weekly and all the plastic wrappers that junk food is wrapped in.  It is a bad cycle. It was good to know that we did our part and collected over 1000 pieces today”. -Guadalupe 

“Today we went door to door to gain signatures for Paint the Town.  Today was very fun being able to gather courage to talk to strangers.  I don’t normally talk to strangers so I’m surprised how well it went. The thing that surprised me the most was that I wasn’t rejected once.  It was an amazing experience and made me feel very confident”. -Kim 

Great job interns!


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