Richmond High's Earth Team Wraps Up a Great 2017-18 Year


The year has come to an end! This year Antioch Earth Team met 42 times, completing over 100 hours of education and training. Meetings included 19 class visits, 16 field visits, and 6 public events (one of which the team hosted). Together, we reached over 90 community members and classmates.  The team planted 57 trees, removed 711 pieces of litter, and created educational materials about trees and their benefits!

The highlights of our project were..

  • First Day of Tree Planting at Wanlass Park: Back in October, Richmond High interns had their first experience planting trees. Local landscaper Mae Plenty came out to share her knowledge and expertise and guided the team through their first few trees. The interns learned that tree planting is hard work and takes dedication and energy. They had fun learning together and getting down and dirty at Wanlass Park!
  • Community Tree Planting Day at Wanlass Park: This community event on March 3rd was a culmination of everything the interns learned and practiced for since the beginning of the school year. The team spent many meetings site prepping, practicing speaking and leading, creating educational materials, and performing outreach activities. The interns led over 40 volunteers, including several employees of our project partner (City of San Pablo). Altogether, the group planted 22 trees in a matter of hours! Despite rail and even hail, the interns kept the group’s energy going and made the event a success!
  • Field Trip to U.C. Berkeley’s Botanical Gardens: In early April, Richmond High’s interns had the opportunity to attend a field trip to the botanical gardens at U.C. Berkeley. The team was surprised and pleased to see the extreme diversity and detail in the gardens. The trip was guided by two docents from the gardens, both of whom were fun and extremely knowledgeable about all the plants and trees! Going on this trip provided the interns with perspective on their tree planting project and the importance of plant choice and diversity.
  • Presenting at the San Pablo City Council Meeting: To wrap up their work at Wanlass Park for the year, interns from Richmond High joined other Earth Team groups to present about their projects from the year to the council. Each member of the city council had amazingly positive and encouraging things to say to the interns and made sure they knew they were appreciated. It was great for the team to get to experience this positive moment together and use it as fuel to finish the year up.

This is my second year with Earth Team and it was been a great experience. I got to meet new people and plant a lot of trees. I get to go to events to help our community and have hands on experience to plant a tree. We get to learn a lot about climate change and ways to improve it. I get excited when I talk about the events we have done and share how fun it is to be part of earth team. Even though it may be fun to be part of Earth Team, you have to dedicate your time to it. I’m committed to earth Team and glad to be learning more about our environment. We learned about getting to know how old the tree is to learning how climate climate change is affecting everything. With temperatures rising, sea level rising, ocean acidification, ice caps are melting and etc. Earth Team gave me a chance to be out of my home and actually learn something.

-Mariana Mendez

Great job Richmond High interns!


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