Skyline Earth Team Celebrates a Successful 2017-18 Year!


The year has come to an end! This year Skyline Earth Team met 42 times, completing over 120 hours of education and training. Meetings including 21 class visits, 14 field visits, and 6 public events, one of which they hosted! Together, we reached over 964 community members and classmates. The team administered 61 water tests, removed 2,300 ft of invasive species, and surveyed 47 people.

The highlights of our project were..

  • Partnering with Friends of Sausal Creek: Interns had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Friends of Sausal Creek starting with their first weekend event, Creek to Bay Day, at Dimond Park at the beginning of the year. Jill and Kathleen of FOSC were invaluable supporters of Earth Team, helping the students with everything from invasive species removal to survey development to benthic macro-invertebrate sampling and enumeration.

  • Pet Waste and Water Quality Community Outreach: Interns planned and executed a community outreach day at Dimond Park to engage and educate park-goers about the effects of pet waste and other pollutants on water quality right in their backyard. They made a trivia game which drew both kids and adults who were spending their Saturday at the park.  They also used the opportunity to survey public about knowledge and opinions about such issues.

  • GLOBE Pacific Student Research Symposium at NASA Ames: After spending many field visits collecting water quality data throughout the Sausal Creek Watershed, interns were able to share their findings with peers and NASA researchers at the GLOBE symposium held at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.  The team won an award recognizing their outstanding research!

  • Science Education Resource Fair: Several representatives from the team attended Community Resources for Science’s Science Education Resource Fair at Chabot Space and Science Center.  The interns shared how after school STEM learning had improved their language and math skills and help set them up for success in future education and careers.

Great job Skyline interns!


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