Litter March 2018: A Day for Litter and Water Pollution Awareness


Mid-march, Richmond High Earth Team interns joined forces with all other Earth Team schools in our annual Litter March in East Oakland! The day started out with a motivational speech and instructions from the LPS Oakland interns, who were the lead team for this event. After this, everyone marched around the neighborhood together, cleaned up their path, and tried to make connections with the community. After the march was over, everyone celebrated with lunch as Jennifer Stern from the City of Oakland spoke on what the city is doing to address the issues of waste disposal.

The litter march has two main purposes. The first is obvious – to clean up litter off the streets! With an attendance of over 100 people, there were plenty of people to help pick up trash. Volunteers and interns worked together to remove the litter and also log its type and location in an app called the Marine Debris Tracker. (Check out our website to view a map of the data collected that day).

The second goal of this march is to raise awareness about the litter issue in Oakland and to inspire community members to take part or make a change. The students hoped that through the use of their signs and chants that at least a few individuals would feel motivated and empowered to pick up after themselves and others. Passerby showed their support with encouraging words and horn honking. Best of all, interns from schools all over the East Bay were able to come together for a common purpose. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this awesome event!




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