Surveying and Educating the Public in Restoration Events at Oyster Bay


Educating and engaging the public in restoration work at Oyster Bay has been a large focus of San Lorenzo High Earth Team’s project at this site. Although many people already enjoy using Oyster Bay for it’s walking trails, bike paths, and off-leash dog policy, it is still a relatively unknown recreation area.

To get a better understanding of who uses the park and what they know about its evolution from a landfill, our students decided to take a survey. They spent a Saturday morning interacting with the public at Oyster Bay and asking them to fill out short surveys on iPads. Question categories included demographics, usage of the park, restoration knowledge, and opinion scales.


Many people were happy to take the survey and had questions about what Earth Team is doing at Oyster Bay. As it turns out, most people visit the park for its awesome dog related perks! Additionally, about half of participants reported that they would be interested in volunteering at a restoration event. A handful of visitors declined to take the survey for various reasons but we hope next time they will stop and share their opinion! This activity definitely got the interns out of their comfort zones. However, by the end of the day they were pros at approaching passerby. We hope to use the data from the surveys to figure out how to best get people interested in the park and the work we are doing there.




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