Community Restoration Day at Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline


Despite worries of cold, rainy weather, Earth Team’s community restoration day at Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline went amazing! Interns from San Lorenzo High hosted this volunteer event March 24th, 2018. As you may already know from reading our blogs, Oyster Bay is a beautiful coastal park that used to be a landfill. Earth Team has been working on restoring the natural habitat at this site, thanks to the Alameda County Fish & Wildlife Commission. With the help of East Bay Regional Parks, our teams have been participating in public outreach and education, invasive plant removals, native plant and tree plantings, and vegetation monitoring.

To start out the day, our interns gave a short welcome speech to over 15 volunteers and split them up into two groups; invasive species removal and planting of native species. Those removing invasive species focused on 2 different plants: pampas grass and French broom. Both of these plants are stubborn and take a lot of effort to remove. The teams removed several large bags full of both species of plants.


The other group focused on planting native plants that will enhance the habitat here, including sagebrush and toyon. Time flew by as they planted quickly and efficiently. These efforts were incredibly successful and a total of 89 plants were planted! Way to go volunteers! We had individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages.


After all the hard work was over and the mud was scraped from everyone’s boots, it was time to come together and celebrate. Over a light lunch, interns and volunteers reflected on the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. East Bay Regional Parks was even nice enough to provide some awesome swag for our volunteers as well as information about summer job openings. (Click here for more information about seasonal employment with EBRPD). A big thank you to everyone who came out and helped make this day so successful and productive! See you next time.


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