Young Women in STEM: How STEM Exploration is Helping Me?


In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, some of our brilliant leading ladies from Skyline Earth Team took time to reflect on what Earth Team has meant to them this year.  This is what they had to say!

Hands on STEM learning at Earth Team isn’t just science experiments!

“It’s about making you think outside the box. We did things like write surveys, and come up with games and activities.  we learned to write questions to specific audiences, we made community connections, and we got to use artistic expression”.

“Communicating STEM results is really beneficial! It teaches us public speaking and how to be a better communicator, it helps us be more social, and it gives us better communication skills all around”.

Hands On Science means mastering math and technology!

“When we were reading instructions and learning chemical equations for field tests, it helped us understand math and how it is used in the real world.  Doing hands on STEM learning makes science and math concepts make more sense because they are in context of something you really care about!”

Hands on STEM at Earth Team has helped us become better students and people!

“Doing STEM in a program like Earth Team gave us an opportunity to be more active in the world, improve our mentality, and succeed in other areas of our academic life”.

“It has taught us respect, it has given us a work ethic, it helped us learn how to work independently, and it helped us work with other people too!”

“It gives us opportunities to be engaged with our communities in meaningful ways”.

“STEM gives us a deep understanding of the world, showing us what is essential to life”.

“It gives us an opportunity to care about the world and what people know and think”.




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