Students Brave Heavy Hale at Wanlass Park Tree Planting Day!


This weekend, Leadership Public School Richmond participated in a community tree planting event at Wanlass Park in San Pablo. They worked with Earth Team students from Kennedy High School, Richmond High School, Oakland Tech, and Skyline High School as well as local community members.

Richmond High School’s Earth Team demonstrated how to plant trees before students grouped up to plant on their own. Groups struggled a bit to dig holes to the right size, especially those who were digging on the hillside and those who encountered rocks. Digging become even more complicated when it started to rain…


Dirt quickly became mud, dry grass quickly become slippery grass, and the struggle to remain upright was real. At one point, it started to hail. Everyone dashed for cover, and waited out the storm. When the hail stopped, groups continued to plant.  Despite the weather, everyone persisted, and we planted 22 trees!

We ended early because the rain and hail really started to come down. Everyone was completely soaked, and ready to go home. Even though we were all wet and cold, students left with smiles.  

IMG_4096 (1)

Tree planting is not just digging a hole and putting the tree in like I expected there are many right steps to do it.This weekend when I went to plant a tree for the first time I didn’t think it was going to be as difficult I thought it was just digging the whole and making sure the tree was covered with enough soil but we had to make sure the whole was 3ft long and 1 ft down. We really had to ensure that the tree had enough space to grow and expand. This experience was great because I was able to work together with three other people went well for me because I learned that trees are really important for us because they help bring in some good into the air and also because it was the first time I ever planted a tree and me and my teammates were able to help each other to plant it.  – Allison 


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