Kennedy Learns about Rails-To-Trails and Beings Transportation Audit


This week, Laura from Rails-to- Trails visited Kennedy’s Earth Team. Rails-to-Trails is a nonprofit that turns abandoned railways into trails for walking, biking, and playing. Laura took us through the process of developing the Richmond Greenway, explaining how they find opportunities for these transformations and why it takes so long to break ground on a new project. Students also enjoyed looking at before and after photos of the Greenway.

After Laura’s visit, students conducted a person transportation audit. They calculated the number of miles they drive to and from school every week. We then entered this information into our TAP Calculator to determine the pounds of Carbon emitted from their commutes. Students were surprised to see that their commutes are responsible for a fairly large Carbon output.

Students also hypothesized about the number of miles every student drives to and from school, and how much Carbon would be emitted because of this. They started to think about how they would collect this information from their peers.


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