Students Learn About Air Quality using CAL EnviroScreen

This week, the LPS Richmond Earth Team explored Calenviroscreen to gain a deeper understanding of air quality in the Bay and Richmond. Two students, Jonathan and Ellie shared about learning this tool. 


In our meeting about Air Quality, I liked that we were able to get to know how our air in our area is and get to know what is causing the air around us to not be so good. It also was a good follow up to the lesson on asthma because air quality may be the main reason why people have asthma and we learned how it affects the lung and how all those particles invade our system and effects it in a negative way. It was kind of eye opening that we found out that the air in our area isn’t so good. Additionally, I liked how we learned more about potential solutions and how we discussed that some of the solutions we learned about were not very economical or available to many people and how the solutions didn’t prevent the things causing bad air quality but instead act on the air quality once it was already bad.


I enjoyed the activity being able to see the types of places that are being most affected on the maps was very eye opening. I learned that places from low income are most likely to be affected by the air quality rather than those with higher income.


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