Earth Teams Prepares for 3rd Annual Litter March


On February 27, 2018 interns returned to the classroom after a much deserved week off and got right to work planning and preparing for their upcoming Litter March in East Oakland.  This event has been held in Oakland the past three years with participant numbers continuing to grow.  This year the interns expect over 100 participants to join in an effort to spread awareness about the effects of litter on Oakland’s Bay and the local creeks and waterways that drain into it.  Interns were hard at work writing/practicing their individual speeches that they will be giving to the crowd on this day of joining.  They are nervous but getting more and more excited as the event approaches.  Here is what several interns had to say about preparing for the Litter March:

“I’m pretty excited for this upcoming Litter March. I’m in a group with Jazmin and we’re in charge of explaining what the March is for and the app, Marine Debris Tracker, that we will be using during the Litter March. I’m being honest when I say I’m nervous of talking to all these people I don’t know, and leading a hopefully big crowd. The Litter March will encourage people to work together to not litter so much and hopefully reduce it all. I would love to see how big our community will get and how big of an impact we can bring as a team”! -Kim

“My role in the Litter March is going to be during the closing part. Brisa, Rogelio, and I are going to thank and congratulate everyone who participated. I will also be introducing our next event and get people to sign up.  I’m nervous about talking to a lot of strangers, but I am excited about marching up and down streets since I like long walks. I feel like our event will inspire our community to help out more with keeping litter out of environments. I just want people to add more trash cans in each block so people won’t just throw trash wherever”. -Jocelyn

“My role in the Litter March is going to be demonstrating how to use the Marine Debris Tracker App. I am going to show people how to use it and how it helps our community. I’m nervous about being in front of a lot of people that I don’t know. I’m excited about working with people and spreading awareness in helping make our community cleaner. I think the March will have a good effect on our community because it can make people join in on not littering and help spread the word. The change I want to see in our community is less litter in the area, people should start throwing their garbage where it belongs and not just anywhere because they feel like it”. -Jasmin

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