Earth Team Assesses Litter Mid Peralta Creek


On January 30, 2018 the dedicated interns of LPS Oakland headed to their second field site along Peralta Creek.  These green leaders devised a plan to test several locations along the creek from the upper head waters to the lowest drainage point, to assess how litter density changes as the creek moves downstream and through the city of Oakland.  Peralta Hacienda Historical Park serves as the teams mid-creek site location.

Masters now of their litter assessment protocol, the team quickly set up and marked their assessment areas and proceeded to break into smaller groups to efficiently conduct the six separate assessments.   The results showed an increase in litter density from their previous site assessment that was located further upstream.  Interns reflected on the results and almost unanimously attributed the increase to the fact that more people had been exposed to the creek and had the opportunity to litter in the surrounding areas.  Few felt that the increase was partly due to the lack of awareness of the severe effects of litter on our waterways in the frequenters of the park.

Oakland LPS Earth Team plans to analyze these results and use the data to raise awareness in Oakland during their upcoming community events.


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