LPS Oakland Earth Team Tests Water Quality at Peralta Creek Park


On January 23, 2018 LPS Oakland Earth Team Traveled up the Peralta Creek to gather litter and water quality data.  This semester the team will be tracking the Peralta Creek from its headwaters to its drainage point.  They have designated three pivotal locations along the creek: Peralta Creek Park (Headwaters), Peralta Hacienda Historical Park (Mid-creek Location), and the East Creek Slough of MLK Shoreline (Drainage Location).  Their goal is to track litter accumulation downstream and compare it to their water quality results to identify ways litter affects the water quality of the bay.  Interns learned new water quality testing protocol and conducted a litter assessment which concluded in healthy water quality and very little litter present.

Here’s what the interns had to say about their results:


“Something that I learned while doing water quality testing is that there are many ways to test water and weather or not it is healthy.  I think there is no litter in that area because people in that neighborhood actually care about how the creeks and animals live”. -Yocelin

“It was fun doing the water quality testing.  Ive learned that if the water is healthy it will have a strong resistance to pollution and that not every first try on the experiment always goes right, but it fun to learn and experience more about how to detect stream health.  I think the reason we didn’t find much litter there is because the community works together to maintain a clean neighborhood”. -Ramona

“Something I learned about water quality testing is that it is really interesting and it can be challenging but you just need to have a lot of patience.  I learned that if water is healthy it will best support the environment.  I think that there isn’t much litter up at Peralta Creek Park because since the creek is adopted then people do what they can to keep it safe with signs and attractions”. -Guadalupe




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