Preventing Water Pollution: Over 7000 Pieces of Litter Collected on MLK Day


On Monday January 15, 2018 the dedicated Earth Team interns from LPS Oakland rose early on their day off  to lend a hand to service at the MLK Shoreline in honor of MLK Day.  Interns came with a purpose to collect data and collect trash.  MLK Shoreline is the drainage point for the majority of Oakland’s creeks.  As the creeks travel from the Oakland Hills, where they begin, down through the city to the shoreline, they carry with them all the litter that has made its way into them via storm drains, wind, and direct dumping.   As the creeks meet at the bay the litter is held along the beaches polluting the water and natural habitats of the many animals that inhabit the area.


Interns teamed up with a group of community volunteers from Pyatok Architects.  As the volunteers collected litter the interns diligently followed behind imputing the data into the Marine Debris Tracker App.  The volunteers were incredibly helpful, shouting out the collected items to their Earth Team counterpart and making it some what of a competition between teams to keep everyone motivated and having fun.  By the end of just two hours, the 9 teams collected over 7,000 pieces of litter.  Quite the accomplishment! Quite the teamwork!



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