Save the Bay Education at Martin Luther King Shoreline


Skyline Interns and LPS Oakland Interns teach peers about the history of tidal marshes in the Bay Area. 

The Saturday after returning from winter break, Skyline Earth Team partnered with interns from LPS Oakland and Save the Bay to complete education and restoration work at the Martin Luther King Shoreline.  The team of interns learned about the history of the bay area, including historic reach of tidal marshes, development patterns, and current and future restoration efforts focusing on salt ponds.  Here are some of the things the interns had to say!

“We substantially reduced the tidal marshes in the bay area” – Nick, Skyline

“Something that I learned today is that endangered species live in the tidal marsh. I learned about how there are only 2,000 Ridgeway Rail birds left and that they only live here in the bay area. The tidal marshes used to cover around 10,000 acres of Oakland and now 90% of it is gone. I learned many things that I did not know before and I was able to plant 4 plants today” – America, Skyline

“Some things that I learned today were about the endangered species such as the ridgeway rail and salt marsh mouse. I’ve also learned about how citizens of the bay area consume almost 50% of the fresh water of San Francisco Bay leaving the water saltier which can cause the wildlife to be endangered due to their lack of tolerance of the water. Last thing I’ve learned today was about the elevation of the map of California and how the watersheds goes to the bay/seawater” – Angeline, Skyline

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