Student Reflections on Oyster Bay



Oyster Bay is located along the eastern shore of San Francisco. Oyster Bay was originally a landfill filled with trash for 3 decades. Today Oyster Bay has been restored with 157 acres of land. My first impression of Oyster Bay was like me walking through another marina park. We were working on removing pampas grass and placing them in bags, we also picked 5% of the seeds from every buckeye tree and at least grabbed 50 buckeye seeds and placed the eye of the buckeye seeds down first and planted.  

On our trip to Oyster Bay we were first introduced to the plants and learned how to tell if a plant is dichotomous or not. After the introduction, we were tasked with removing stinkwort and young pampas grass for about 45 minutes. When the students from another school arrived we did a little ice breaker and used our larger groups to clear a good section of the area that was being affected by the invasive species. Once we had cleared the stinkwort and young pampas grass, we moved on to take on the adult pampas grass with shovels for about an hour and 30 minutes, after that we headed home.

My experience during this event was fun overall because the my group was friendly and we joked around during the whole event. The people from the other school were like classmates and we did well as a team especially near the end. When we were trying to remove the adult pampas grass the first one took around 20 minutes but then we came up with the idea to have one group pull a rope that was under the pampas grass while another group was using shovels to chop the roots, effectively pulling and digging up the plant at the same time making it faster. I enjoyed working with students from another school and look forward to our next event.

My observations about the plants we were removing was that it was easy to remove, not really much more. We were just picking up plants and putting them in bags.  I learned that the difference between the pampas grass and the stinkwort was that the stinkwort and the pampas grass had different textures and a different feeling.  When we broke into groups  I was in the group where we had to remove the adult pampas grass and we came up with the idea where we  used the rope to pull the grass up while other people tried to shovel the grass out.  At the end I had a good time!

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