Oakland LPS and Skyline High Earth Teams Join Forces


On Saturday December 16, 2017 Oakland LPS Earth Team joined forces with Skyline High Earth Team to make a difference at MLK Shoreline in Oakland.  Next semester Oakland LPS interns will be assessing the litter and water quality issues in Oakland as they relate to Peralta Creek and its drainage point at MLK Shoreline.  The interns have spent the last few months mastering litter assessments and developing protocol that will be conducive to MLK Shoreline and upstream sites along Peralta Creek.

Saturday served as a day for the two teams to get to know each other, for Oakland LPS to train Skyline on there litter assessment protocol, and for Skyline to train Oakland LPS on their water quality testing protocol.  Each LPS intern had the opportunity to describe and demonstrate a different step of the new and improved litter assessment protocol.  LPS interns thrived in the leadership positions.  Skyline interns then had the opportunity to walk LPS interns through their water quality tests which was successful as well.  Oakland LPS is trained and ready to hit the ground running upon their return from winter break.


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