Kennedy Earth Team helping at the Richmond Greenway

Cherymae and Brittany planting Deer grass

Saturday, the Kennedy Earth Team participated in the 2nd Saturday Volunteer Day with The Watershed Project at the Richmond Greenway. They worked diligently to remove invasive species and plant natives alongside other students from around the Bay, including Richmond High Earth Team interns.

Diego and Jordan installing a temporary fence to protect newly planted natives 

They found it challenging to remove Bermuda grass because they had to dig up the entire root system through rocky soil. They found it similarly difficult to dig holes for planting Yarrow, Deer grass, Soap root, and White sage among other native plants. Between all of the participants, 92 natives were planted!

Group photo on the Greenway

Kennedy Earth Team interns took a stroll along the Richmond Greenway with Martha from The Watershed Project to learn about the Greenway and other projects there, including a rain garden The Watershed Project installed, and food garden and playground Pogo Park installed.

The Richmond Greenway is a path and open space constructed on an unused railroad track spanning through Richmond at the base of the Iron Triangle. It is a great place for walking, biking, playing, and enjoying being outdoors. The students enjoyed learning about this feature of their community, and contributing to its development!


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