Coast Live Oak Monitoring Practice

IMG_2172Antioch Earth Team headed back out to the Upper Sand Creek Basin to learn a new skill: plant monitoring. On this particular Tuesday, the team focused on identifying, counting, and monitoring Coast Live Oaks that were planted in the basin by volunteers years ago.

Baseline data was compiled from existing documents showing general locations of volunteer planting sites and Coast Live Oak estimated numbers. Interns used a satellite image of the basin to create a map and then developed walking routes of those location to focus their time on.

Split into three groups, the Antioch High students were able to cover almost all of the basin in their 2 hour after school meeting.  The young researchers found that many of the oaks were not present or were mislabeled.  Of the oaks that they found, some were incredibly while established, others were healthy, and some appeared to be in poor health.

Interns will continue to monitor and map Coast Live Oaks in the basin to master the process of native plant monitoring.  Hopefully, their efforts will expand to other native species present in the basin, including things like coyote brush.

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Sunset over Mt. Diablo

The Antioch Earth Team after school meeting concluded with a beautiful sunset over Mt. Diablo to wrap up a fun afternoon of exploring nature!

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