Communicating with the Community: Alhambra Team's Mural in Richmond

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For the past two weeks Alhambra High Earth Team has had the opportunity to collaborate with JKF and Richmond High’s Earth Team’s to work on the design and production of a sustainability inspired mural in the City of Richmond.  The Mural, when completed, will depict what the Bay Area is like now–polluted by industry and urbanization, and what the Bay Area could be like–clean waters, healthy ecosystems, community gardens.  Students have been inspired and found a positive way to express themselves through this project and have received much positive feedback from passerby’s of the community during their workdays.  Below are students reflections on the mural project:


“I think that the mural is a good way to motivate the community and us as Earth Team members to strive for a better environment. I like working with the other schools because it is cool to meet new people with the same interests and goals of helping the Richmond community obtain a nicer environment. By cleaning up Rumrill Blvd. with the work we have done so far, I feel that the community has seen a difference and fully supports what we are trying to do. The mural offers the end goal of what we want and I feel that even if someone glances at it everyday it could help change the way they think of the environment and the community.”  -ALLIIMG_0659

“After helping out with the mural and seeing the overall layout, I feel people are going to really enjoy this mural we have created. Not only does it show artist view of mother earth but this will help people to know that our earth is beautiful if we make it beautiful. With the mural representing the beautiful example of what some might consider as “mother earth”, I think that this will give the aspect of how beautiful we should keep and preserve our earth. This will only give people a better reason to appreciate this mural and understand that our earth needs to respected and appreciated by everyone in the community.”  -DHZYIA

“I think that the mural is going to help motivate the community into caring more about the environment and motivate them towards making a change in their environment. Getting to work on something that is going to make a big impact is very exciting. Working with a different school was also exciting because we got to work with people we didn’t know. This painting is hopefully going to make a big impact on the community and will help with environmental preservation.”  -DONOVAN

22752172_10211017261804572_1220234052_n 2“The public has been receiving the mural exceptionally well since we began painting. Although the mural had not been finished yet, people were acknowledging our outreach to the community, and I believe they will be grateful for our community involvement. Many people are passionate about the message in the mural. Community members want to see their city clean and flourishing (as depicted in the ideal reality in the left side of the mural). However, a truth that can’t be denied is that through litter and ignorance, our reality, often reflects the more grim and polluted aspect of the mural. Nevertheless, with a strong sense of community, and a common goal of cleaning and maintaining our earth, change can occur. And this idea is efficiently relayed through our mural.”  -JAZLYN



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