Interns finish out the end of the year!

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On Thursday, June 1st interns joined together for the last day of the year. Such a bittersweet ending after all we have been through together!

To celebrate all the leadership, stewardship, and service the interns have shown throughout the year, we held a potluck under the shaded trees. Interns chowed down on burritos and LOADS of chips! It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed getting of of the classroom to enjoy it, and each other.

Interns participated in a short reflection, reminiscing all the fun (and not so fun) moments of the year. Next, it was time for certificates and stipends! Woohoo!

We ended the day acknowledging our person sitting next to us, commending them for bringing their own unique spirit and character into the program. It was great to reflect not only on what we have accomplished, but also how we have grown together as one big eco-loving family!

It may have been the last day of the year but as we look back on campus we can sit with the reassurance that this year will never be forgotten. Oakland Tech has a working 3-Bin system, and Tech Interns are responsible for that! They have left their footprint!

Great job to the 12 Oakland Tech 2016-2017 Earth Team Interns! You all are incredible!


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