Supportive Principal at Pinole Valley High

New Pinole Valley High School Principal Kibby Kleiman came out to support EarthTeam's first waste audit of the year today. Mr. Kleiman was on site to observe a standout group of recycling club students as they engaged in a waste audit of classroom trash and a second audit for recycling containers from their campus. Mr. Kleiman was in full support of students investigating their waste stream and coming up with plans to help their school community become more sustainable. Students conducted their classic waste audit while also participating in the first EarthTeam pilot activity exploring and contributing to the "digital landfill" which uses Instagram and an emerging platform called Litterati to document waste with an artistic and technological twist. 

EarthTeam set up an Instagram account for Pinole Valley High School, asked students to log in and document waste in interesting ways using photographs, filters and the hashtags #litterati, #earthteam, #pinolevalleyhighschool and whatever type of waste they were documenting (#twix, #tissue, #doritos, etc). Then students shared the photos on Instagram and finally threw away their waste in the proper place. All of a sudden picking up waste was fun, artistic, sharable and connected students at Pinole Valley High School with a global community of people cleaning up litter. 

You can view photos from the waste audit at Pinole Valley High School as seen by students and EarthTeam staff on Instagram at the handle @earthteampinolehs or on the web at

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