Richmond High School Urban Forestry

April 11, 2019

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Richmond High School’s Earth Team held a successful Tree Planting on the weekend of March 23rd, when a break in the rains gave us some much needed time to plant some trees. Interns were joined by Kennedy High School Interns and some community members, and together they were able to plant 18 trees.


January 25, 2019

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This past week, Oakland Tech Earth Team headed to Wanlass Park to support the multi-year tree planting project that Richmond High Earth Team has been working so hard on.

Students worked with Ben, Urban Forestry Manager, and learned about the history of the project and the goals for the near future. Youth supported the project by assisting...

December 21, 2018


It was a cold Saturday morning at Wanlass Park in San Pablo when Richmond High School’s Earth Team Interns had one simple goal; plant 20 trees at the park. With a lot of help from some community members and Earth Team Interns from Hercules and Kennedy High Schools, they managed to plant all of the trees and have a great time in the process.


December 14, 2018


Richmond High School’s Earth Team Interns have quite the task for themselves this year; the final stages of creating a new park! They are working with the City of San Pablo to turn a vacant lot along San Pablo Avenue into the City’s newest Park. Interns from the past 3 years have been planting trees at this site, so this year’s interns have the two-sided job of planting...