JF Kennedy / Richmond LPS Air Quality

March 9, 2018


This week, Laura from Rails-to- Trails visited Kennedy’s Earth Team. Rails-to-Trails is a nonprofit that turns abandoned railways into trails for walking, biking, and playing. Laura took us through the process of developing the Richmond Greenway, explaining how they find opportunities for these transformations and why it takes so long to break ground on a new project. Students also enjoyed looking at before and after...

March 9, 2018


This weekend, Leadership Public School Richmond participated in a community tree planting event at Wanlass Park in San Pablo. They worked with Earth Team students from Kennedy High School, Richmond High School, Oakland Tech, and Skyline High School as well as local community members.

Richmond High School’s Earth Team demonstrated how to plant trees before students grouped up to plant on their own. Groups struggled a bit to dig holes to the right size, especially those who were digging on the hillside and those who encountered rocks. Digging become even more...

March 9, 2018


LPS Richmond Earth Team learned how to use the Marine Debris Tracker app to conduct a litter audit at Davis Park. Students enjoyed being outside and contributing to this feature of their community.


March 9, 2018

This week, the LPS Richmond Earth Team explored Calenviroscreen to gain a deeper understanding of air quality in the Bay and Richmond. Two students, Jonathan and Ellie shared about learning this tool. 


In our meeting about Air Quality, I liked that we were able to get to know how our air in our area is and get to know what is causing the air around us to not be so good. It also was a good follow up to the lesson on asthma because air quality may be the main reason...