Oakland Technical High School

January 24, 2017

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On Monday, Jan 16th Oakland Tech interns celebrated MLK Day in the beautiful outdoors. Interns were a part of a big volunteer event hosted by Save the Bay, a wonderful organization who is working to protect, restore and celebrate the Bay.

Rachelle Cardona, Restoration Education and Community Engagement Specialist, educated and engaged the 65+ volunteer crew in...

January 18, 2017


On January 12th, interns kicked of the new semester, educating over 245+ Oakland Tech students. It was a very busy day, with interns splitting up into multiple classrooms each period.

Presentations consisted of our PSA Video, Educational Slideshow, 3-Bin Sorting BINGO activity, and a post-survey to get feedback from students. Interns used this time to call attention to the new 3-Bin system and discuss...

January 13, 2017

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On January 11th, Interns piled into the van to go investigate the second proposed route for our upcoming Litter March. Interns were visited by Kailyn Topper, Lead Brand Ambassador for SUJA a healthy, delicious, organic juice company based out of San Diego.

SUJA juice was the perfect treat for our interns to fuel them on their...

December 29, 2016


On December 19th, the doors of Oakland Tech were opened for a special visit from our interns, today was the day the 3-Bin system would be distributed in all classrooms and hallways! Our group wasn’t alone, we received a lot of  help and support from our additional team members Nancy Demming, Sustainability Manager for Oakland School District, Jeffrey Vickers, Head Night Custodian for Oakland Tech, as...