Oakland Technical High School

March 2, 2018

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Interns have been working hard trying to figure out a way to institutionalize the 3-Bin system at Tech. An idea was brought up to change Teacher Protocol by purchasing 3-Bin system dolly’s that would remove the need for anyone to dump the bins in the brute stations at the end of the day. Instead, Custodians would have...

February 12, 2018


To end January, Oakland Tech interns joined with the AP Environmental Science Classes for a Waste Management Career day on-campus Field Trip. Interns learned about the history of Waste Management, how it operates, the many job positions and sectors throughout the organization, and opportunities for them to get involved!

Here is what our interns had to say about the day!

What did you learn today that brought you satisfaction? 

“I learned that Oakland really cares about its pollution and waste to the extent that Waste Management has clean trucks” –...

January 19, 2018

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Martin Luther King Shoreline Event

On MLK Day, Oakland Tech interns joined over 60 community members in a clean up of the Shoreline. Save the Bay started the day with some education on stormwater run-off, effects of litter on wildlife, a lot more that gave great context for why we were there in the first place.

Interns worked with the community by collected the data of the litter that was being picked up. Their was a wide range of people, and interns enjoyed being able to...

January 19, 2018

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To kick off the semester interns created a backwards planning logic model. As a team, interns discussed objectives for the remainder of the year, and what activities and resources were needed in order to achieve them. Students directed the conversation with volunteers facilitating the group and transcribing everyones ideas and thoughts on to the white board.

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Through group discussion, 3 main objectives were set.

  1. Increase environmental literacy at Emerson Elementary and expand the 3-Bin
  2. ...