Oakland Technical High School

February 13, 2017

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*Student Blog*

After a couple of weeks with the 3-Bin system installed at Oakland Tech, it was finally time to survey how well students & faculty were using and liking new system. On January 26, we roamed around campus after school and surveyed a total of 88 students as well as conducted interviews with about 20 teachers and students. Though this number may seem small, a lot of feedback and data were collected.

Despite the few students who were not interested in taking the survey, those who did, were...

February 9, 2017

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On Friday, January 27th our a few of our Oakland Tech interns joined together with Oakland High interns to spend the day with the Clorox Company for their Women In Science event. The day consisted of an all female scientist panel, tour of the laboratory, and a screening of the new hit movie Hidden Figures!

Our team, of all young women, had an amazing time, and...

January 24, 2017

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On Monday, Jan 16th Oakland Tech interns celebrated MLK Day in the beautiful outdoors. Interns were a part of a big volunteer event hosted by Save the Bay, a wonderful organization who is working to protect, restore and celebrate the Bay.

Rachelle Cardona, Restoration Education and Community Engagement Specialist, educated and engaged the 65+ volunteer crew in...

January 18, 2017


On January 12th, interns kicked of the new semester, educating over 245+ Oakland Tech students. It was a very busy day, with interns splitting up into multiple classrooms each period.

Presentations consisted of our PSA Video, Educational Slideshow, 3-Bin Sorting BINGO activity, and a post-survey to get feedback from students. Interns used this time to call attention to the new 3-Bin system and discuss...