Mission Valley ROP Get Creative with Waste

How do you get your peers’ attention about the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Rot)? Ask the students at Mission Valley ROP in Fremont. EarthTeam had the privilege to work with Janay Shepherd’s Merchandising and Careers in Education classes for the Waste Action Project. Both classes brainstormed ingenious ways to engage with the 4R’s and bring awareness to their communities.

The Merchandising students successfully sorted through their recycling stream on campus to identify the main contaminates found during a waste audit. They then pondered the question, “How do we educate the campus community about the results?”. As creative leaders, the students started a 4R poster campaign. Students used recycled and reused materials to create messages to grab their peer’s attention and illustrate why and how to reduce waste.

One of the groups made a three-dimensional poster using plastic bottles and cans to show examples of common items consumed by students that belong in the recycling bin. Learners like these are a reminder of how innovative a group can be when given the space and support to prepare and implement their ideas.

Ms. Shepherds Marketing class 2013

Not to be out done by their peers, Mrs. Shepherd’s Careers in Education class also let their artistic side shine during their action planning class visit. These future educators put together Reuse lesson plans to teach students how useful ‘disposal’ items can be. These leaders made their own art work that day which included wind chimes out of soda cans, a bouquet of flowers out of a paper cup and magazine, and even a toy robot out of plastic bottles and paper. Mission Valley ROP students are an example of students taking the initiative to question our “throw-away” cultural habits and show clever ways to encourage others to re-think what they consider as trash.

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This blog was written by Projects Coordinator Raeann Johnson.