Madeline Burchard

May 2015

Madeline Burchard is the May EarthTeam Teacher of the Month. Madeline is a Campus Coordinator at EarthTeam who facilitated two year long internships this year at San Lorenzo and Skyline High School. At Skyline High Madeline ran a Watershed focused internship bringing students into their local Sausal Creek watershed for restoration events, scientific studies, community outreach and outdoor exploration. At San Lorenzo Madeline led an enthusiastic group of students focused on studying and combating litter on their campus and in the surrounding community. She helped students launch a petition to tackle the number one litter item (plastic straw wrappers) found on campus that has received over 7,000 signatures from around the world to date. 

Madeline's experience as a scientist and educator and unrivaled enthusiasm for student success has made her a role model for students and staff alike. At the end of this school year Madeline is graduating from her role at EarthTeam to take a position at Sandia National Laboratories. We are sad to see Madeline go, but are happy to have had her on our team for almost two years. We wish Madeline the best of luck in her next career step!