Get Involved

 EarthTeam is run by a small staff and relies on the help of volunteers, advisors, donors, friends and partners. 

Here are 10 awesome ways to get involved with EarthTeam!

  1. Join us on Facebook & Twitter 

  2. Sponsor a program

  3. Apply for an open volunteer position

  4. Join our Board of Directors

  5. Donate. We rely on donations from friends and supporters to run our programs!

  6. Work at EarthTeam

  7. Partner with one of our programs

  8. Check out our calendar in the front page for our upcoming events

 Have something else in mind? Please contact us with your ideas!

"I think one of the best ways to make sure we preserve our natural resources in the long term is to make sure that young people care about the environment so that they can make wise decisions about it, and, I believe, the best way to do that is to take them out into nature and get them involved.That's what EarthTeam does and that's why I like to work here."
-- Sarah Robson, volunteer