October 10, 2017



On October 3, 2017 Oakland LPS’ Earth Team headed to the Downtown Oakland Association office to meet with their representatives and discuss the waste issues the city is facing and the plans the city has to face those issues. The interns then hit the streets to conduct a litter survey and obtain specific information about the prominent sources of waste in the area and what might be the leading causes for those sources. Over the

next few weeks, interns will...

September 27, 2017
September 26, 2017

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Earth Team is making its mark at Oakland LPS for its first exciting year of hard work community engagement, and of course fun! Earth Team Staff presented to 8 classes and reached over 126 students for this years program recruitment. After receiving over 30 applications we narrowed it down to 14 mean, green, and dedicated interns!

Our team spent our first meeting getting to know on another, learning about program logistics, and creating bios. Check out our team HERE!

Earth Team is looking forward to an AWESOME first year at Oakland LPS!


August 16, 2017

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In June of 2017, Earth Team internships for the 2016-2017 school year came to a wrap after a successful year.  With 158 interns from 9 different East Bay Area High schools interns were able to engage over 14,440 fellow peers and community members! Interns completed over 1,000 working hours, including plenty...

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