January 24, 2019

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In November, Oakland Tech Earth Team interns learned how to conduct a waste audit. To kick the day off, the team used the 3-bin dolly’s to collect waste from all around campus and bring it to the audit site location.


January 24, 2019

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Skyline’s Waste Sorting Team is a collection of inspiring, hardworking seniors that are working together, with the support from Earth Team Waste Experts, to implement a sorting system on campus by June 2019. The team has been following Oakland Tech’s replication package and has found the resource to be extremely helpful.

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Skyline’s Waste Sorting Team has been meeting weekly at lunch to make progress on their project. So far, the team has been trained on...

January 17, 2019



Sunny skies or gloomy forecast, as long as it’s a Saturday and 0% chance of extreme weather, Kennedy interns were out on Rumrill Blvd. earlier this month and hit the ground running.

Each litter assessments more often than not provides many lessons. One of which is that there’s most likely litter hidden in plain sight if one looks closely enough; and Kennedy’s hawk-like vision gained from previous assessments proved useful for today. Intern Bryan spotted a peculiar object hidden within the grass along some fencing and it turned out to be yet...

January 16, 2019

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*Student Blog*

The event started with everyone meeting at the education center. Everyone talked to people they hadn’t met before and introduced themselves to others. Everyone then sat down for a quick introduction. They briefly went over what we were going to do and what the event was about. After this, the coordinators broke everyone up into two separate groups. Some people went on a tour of the facility while others stayed in the building to watch a movie about the effects of plastic straws another waste...

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