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November 16, 2018

San Lorenzo High School’s Earth Team Internships are well underway this semester. Students started the semester with some team building and setting group agreements, and learning about the program.

Campus coordinator Ben McLaughlin has been helping the interns learn the tree species that are most common in their communities. Students have been honing their identification skills in order to be able to complete the Tree Inventory of San Lorenzo that our interns have been working hard on for the past few years.

We are excited to welcome our San Lorenzo Interns to the Earth Team Family!


November 14, 2018

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Student Blog 

During this after-school meeting, we came together to plan our day at the Green Team Summit. Our team chose to focus on the importance of communicating with staff such as administrators, custodians, and teachers.

Our goal was to educate students about the different types of adults they may run into while they implement the sorting...

November 14, 2018

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Student Blog 

Meeting with custodial staff during a sorting system project is crucial because it gives insight into their perspective and any comments, concerns, and questions they may have. Oakland Tech Earth Team recently held a custodial meeting. Before we did this, we prepared by recording the key points we wanted to speak with them about.


November 14, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.01.03 AM.pngThe day kicked off the day with some bagels and pastries, just mingling. Then everyone gathered around and some representatives from Friends of Sausal who began to talk about the importance and purpose of us all coming to help. I remember him thanking us, and how dedicated he was to the cause, I liked that because it’s great to have people that care about our environment.

He explained the different groups...

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