June 6, 2018


The year has come to an end! This year, Kennedy Earth Team met 44 times this year, completing about 120 hours of education and training, including 17 field visits. Interns blew up 100 balloons, measured, and cut over 2000 feet of string for their data visualization project.

The highlights of this year were the Coastal Cleanup Day, Bay Area Mural Festival, visiting Bay Area Air Quality...

May 31, 2018


Interns from JFK loved riding bicycles at Pinole Shoreline. After their semester studying and assessing health, air quality, and transportation, it was great to get outside, get on a bicycle, and remember that biking is a great way to commute.


May 31, 2018


Interns from LPS Richmond presented the project they have been working on all semester at an Environmental Youth Forum Film Festival held at Smith Rafael Film Center in early May.


Students had...

May 31, 2018


This semester, interns from LPS Richmond have been exploring the intersection of health, air quality, and transportation. They considered how fracking, oil refineries, traffic, and other components of the transportation system affect the environment. To examine how their school community affects air quality, they assessed the commute habits of students, staff, and teachers.

Using the data they collected from their survey, interns determined the tons of CO2 produced by...

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