Elijah Taylor

October 2013
Mission Valley ROP, Fremont, CA

Watch the interview with Elijah on YouTube below.  

Elijah Taylor is a senior at Mission Valley ROP in Fremont, CA and is our October Student of the Month. Elijah caught our eye in the Spring of 2013 when he volunteered for the bin monitor position during a waste audit in Janay Shepherd's class. This position is one of the more technical jobs during a waste audit as this person has to be confidante helping students figure out where to put various items found in the trash and help them sort them into the proper bin. This person has to have knowledge of what items are made of and where they belong in the waste stream, but also help other students make their own discoveries and learn about waste materials too. Elijah was the man for the job in the Spring and this month when given the chance to volunteer for a second waste audit he was the first to stand up and volunteer again.

It’s no surprise Elijah is the one standing up to volunteer for a job during a waste audit. Students in his class work on professional development and job skills including getting a part time job in their nearby community and Elijah, for the past 2 years has been working with the custodial staff on campus at Mission Valley ROP. He describes his job as, “I work with the janitors at Mission Valley ROP and I clean the lunchrooms, I make sure all the campus is clean outside, empty out all the trashcans, make sure no one puts stuff in the wrong place—put it where it’s supposed to be—clean the hallways. Then we actually spot mop and stuff like that—so basically keeping the campus clean”. He is the resident student expert in waste systems on campus and he’s helping students as well as custodial staff to keep the campus clean. When asked about the work he does on campus Elijah responds, “It’s a job to me. In the future I want to build my own business by doing this kind of stuff”. We here at EarthTeam are proud of your work both in the classroom and around campus. Thanks for taking care of business and helping your campus community reduce their environmental impact at the same time.