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October 27, 2016


Intern Brenda Moreida, removing Cape Ivy.

Himalayan Blackberry, Cape Ivy, and English Ivy have proven to be tough contenders against Pinole Valley High interns. These three plant species are non-native and completely dominate areas of Pinole Creek banks. Native plants that help...Read more

October 26, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 1.28.56 PM.png

SLZ High is so fortunate to have one of the best native plant gardens in the Bay Area! Interns kicked off their Urban...Read more

October 26, 2016


Antioch and Pinole Valley High EarthTeam interns at Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline.

EarthTeam interns came together and conquered a challenging hike at Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline in Martinez on October 15th. The hike was moderate, roughly 3 miles round trip, with an intensive...Read more

October 26, 2016
EarthTeam interns at Rob Hill Campground, San Francisco.

Alameda High EarthTeam interns enjoyed a break from their hectic schedules and spent a weekend camping...Read more

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